Prepare for Flight

Ok, let's do some flips already!

Simple Rules to Follow to be Safe Flying Drones

1) Check your quadcopter before you fly it

  • You cannot flip or roll your drone if it is not ready to fly.
  • First, ensure that your drone has no loose parts.
  • Ensure that there is room to launch it

2) Choose the right location to fly

  • The right location makes a tremendous difference to your flying experience.
  • Fly in a place where there are no trees or buildings that will obstruct
  • Or choose to fly indoors

3) Take safety precautions

  • Keep safe when flying a drone.
  • Drones are fragile, but you can prevent their damage
  • Propellers are sharp when they move at high speeds, so ensure that you keep your hands away from them
  • Always take out the battery if you are done flying
  • Fly your drone in an enclosed space without breakable objects if you are doing so indoors.
  • Make sure you don't fly over people

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