Exercise: Create Line Following Of Your Own


  • 1 sheets of 8x10 paper
  • 4 Ozobot Markers
  • OzoCodes Reference Sheet (Page 2)

READ FIRST: Creating Custom OzoCode Designs

  1. AlWAYS use the chisel (wider) part of marker
  2. ALWAYS start and end an OzoCode with a BLACK line (except for end of line turn around). See example in OzoCodes handout.
  3. When drawing codes use only ONE swipe of color in a square or circle
  4. Make sure each color code touches each other.
  5. Always calibrate before testing your new code creations!
  6. Make sure turns you draw aren't too sharp

Exercise Part 1

  1. Choose 2-3 OzoCodes Reference Handout:
  2. SPEED
  4. COOL MOVE codes
  5. Place OzoCodes in a Circle, Square, Rectangle or Race car style track
  6. Calibrate
  7. Have Fun & Test

Exercise Part 2

Test out your neighbors OzoCode design!

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