Exercise (Advanced): OzoBlockly (DO THIS AT HOME)

  1. Go to http://ozoblockly.com/editor from computer or tablet
  2. Choose bit NOT evo on the upper left corner of web page
  3. Choose level 1-4 (I suggest 1-2 while learning)
  4. Load some example (right side of web page)
  5. Calibrate Ozobot on computer or tablet screen 
  6. Load example onto your Ozobot
  7. Click on the reference tab (right side of web page) and go over what each block does
  8. Create your own OzoProgram! Once you have ran a few examples and went over the reference tab you are ready!
  • Click the trash can icon to delete existing blocks
  • Add blocks to create an OzoProgram of your own!
  • Calibrate Ozobot (See above video)
  • Load code from OzoProgram into Ozobot (See above video)
  • Run OzoProgram created on Ozobot (See above video)
  • Save OzoProgram by clicking on SAVE button
  • Share your OzoProgram with all by uploading here

View shared OzoProgram by visiting here

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