Exercise: Basic Training

SEE BINDER FOR BELOW HANDOUT (Go Over Page 7-13. Remove Pages 14-17)

  • Handout Page 14

In any of the slots, mark (blue, black, blue) and (red, black, red) and (blue, green, blue). Place Ozobot on the line and see how Ozobot understands the colors.

  • Handout Page 15

Place Ozobot onto the track at any point and observe which movements Ozobot reads.

  • Handout Page 16 & Page 17

Can you help Ozobot find the way to the shop across the river? On the right is your house and Ozobot needs to take you from the house to the shop. But Ozobot might end up at the river with no place to go. So it is up to you to guide Ozobot with the help of codes. Make sure that when Ozobot starts at home, Ozobot always arrives at shop.


  1. Fill in the codes on the bottom left of page #17 into the empty spaces on the road.
  2. You have to use all codes, but you can use each of them only once.
  3. Once you have filled in all spaces, turn Ozobot on and place Ozobot on the line at the “Place here” marker. Does Ozobot arrive at the shop?
  4. Repeat this a couple of times. If you found you have made a mistake, take a look at the solution on page # 18

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